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Reckless Driving Traffic Lawyer, Fairfax, and Northern Virginia

Reckless Driving Traffic Lawyer from Gross and Romanic, providing legal services for Suspended Licence Charges, Hit and Run, Truck Drivers.
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Reckless Driving by Speed in Fairfax, VA – Why do I need a reckless driving lawyer in virginia?

Why? Because in Virginia, Reckless Driving by Speed is a Class 1 Misdemeanor. A Class 1 Misdemeanor is a criminal charge. It is in the same class of criminal charges as misdemeanor possession of drugs, DWI, assault and battery, and petit larceny (shoplifting). The Virginia legislature does not appear to be interested in changing this classification. The threshold for a speeding ticket to fall into the Reckless Driving category in Virginia is among the lowest in the entire country. Speeding in excess of 80 mph, regardless of the speed limit, or speeding 20 mph over the speed limit, puts the...

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Fairfax Virginia DWI, DUI & Traffic Law Information

If you need a Fairfax Virginia DWI or DUI lawyer than GRDD Law can help. GRDD Law’s team can even answer any questions you may have about personal injury cases. Contact GRDD Law today (703) 273-1400 for more information or to schedule an appointment. We get a lot of commonly asked questions about Virginia DWI, DUI and traffic law and we’re including several of those (and their answers) here on the blog. To read more commonly asked questions, visit out website here. Frequently Asked Questions about Traffic/DWI Law 1.QUESTION: Why do I need a lawyer in Traffic Court or for DWI/DWI? ANSWER: Whether you...

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Why Do I Need A Lawyer In Traffic Court?

GRDD Law publishes a number of articles on their website about their various practice areas: Bankruptcy; Business Law; Commercial Landlord; Construction Law; Litigation; Personal Injury; Technology Law; and Traffic/DWI. Here’s an article from the Traffic/DWI section: Why do I need a lawyer in Traffic Court? Many traffic court matters (in Virginia) are considered misdemeanors, such as DWI, Hit & Run, Reckless Driving and Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License. Some offenses may even rise to the level of a felony such as 3rd offense DWIs and certain Hit & Run offenses. These offenses are criminal in nature and can result in a...

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Traffic Stops and Your Rights

Many people are confused about their rights when they are stopped while driving on the road by a police officer. In fact, a large percentage of individuals stopped for routine traffic violations incorrectly believe that they are required to perform whatever tasks or tests are requested by the police. If you are stopped for any sort of traffic violation, with a few exceptions, you have the right to politely decline almost any request made by the police officer. The 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution protects against “compulsory self-incrimination” (meaning that no person can be required to give evidence against them...

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ASAP Pre-court Evaluation

The Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP) was established by the Virginia legislature to provide alcohol courses and programs for persons convicted of a DWI (Driving motor vehicle, engine, etc., while intoxicated). As a condition of probation and to obtain a restricted license, a person convicted of a DWI must enter into and successfully complete ASAP. Although a court may decline to order participation in ASAP if the assessment by ASAP indicates that intervention is not appropriate for such person, it almost never happens in the Northern Virginia courts. Nevertheless, a pre-court evaluation by ASAP can be a valuable tool in certain...

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Speeding in Virginia

If you’ve recently received a speeding ticket, or a reckless driving by speed ticket, in Virginia, you may well ask how police in Northern Virginia even measure speed? The police in NoVa actually commonly use one of three methods to measure the speed of moving vehicles: – Radar – LIDAR, or Laser speed detection – and pace The method most of us are familiar with is radar. Radar works through an application of the Doppler Effect. The Doppler Effect explains why the pitch of a siren coming from far way sounds different from the pitch of one close by. As sound travels through air, sound is...

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Successful Defenses to Virginia DWI/DUI

A November 7, 2011 article in the Fairfax News shows that “some 32,760 drunken driving arrests were made across Virginia in 2010, wA November 7, 2011 article in the Fairfax News shows that “some 32,760 drunken driving arrests were made across Virginia in 2010, which resulted in 29,063 convictions.” Based upon these statistics, the statewide conviction rate for individuals charged with DWI is approximately 88.7%. This, of course, begs the question: what happens in the other 11.3% of cases. Presumably, some of the 3,697 remaining cases resulted in plea bargains to lesser offenses such as reckless driving. Others were certainly dismissed...

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