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The Fairfax register agent service lawyer from Gross and Romanick are experienced foreign business register lawyer from Northern Virginia, Fairfax.
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Why was a $2.35M judgment overturned for failure by a foreign LLC to register in Virginia?

The Virginia Supreme Court in the case of World Telecom Exchange Comm. LLC v. Sidya (VLW 017- 6-056) found that the lower court erred by allowing the plaintiff to litigate a claim without first obtaining an SCC certificate as required by Va. Code § 13.1-1057(A). In doing so, it reversed one of the largest Virginia verdicts of 2015. Va. Code § 13.1-1057(A) states that a foreign limited liability company (LLC) "transacting business in the Commonwealth may not maintain any action, suit, or proceeding in any court of the Commonwealth until it has registered in the Commonwealth." See our November 2016 newsletter...

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How is a Virginia Resident Agent different from a Virginia Registered Agent?

All Virginia entities, including LLCs and corporations, must have a properly qualified Registered Agent in Virginia. See our firm's YouTube video on this subject. Virginia Code §55-218.1 also requires every non-resident "person" who owns and leases commercial or residential properties consisting of four or more units within a county or city in Virginia to maintain a "Resident" Agent in Virginia. The Resident Agent must be a resident of Virginia and maintain an office in Virginia. "Person" is broadly defined as any individual, group of individuals, corporation, partnership, business trust, association or other legal entity, or any combination thereof. The name...

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Do I Need a Registered Agent? | Fairfax, Virginia | Gross, Romanick, Dean & DeSimone, P.C.

Do you need a registered agent for your business? Edward Gross, Managing Partner of Gross, Romanick, Dean & DeSimone, P.C., discusses some of the reasons you may need a registered agent, and some of the options available. If you need a Virginia registered agent, visit call 703-273-1400 or send an e-mail to info@grddlaw.com. Virginia Registered Agent Registered Agent Fairfax, Virginia Gross, Romanick, Dean & DeSimone, P.C. 3975 University Drive Suite 410 Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Registered Agent Fairfax Registered Agent Virginia ...

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