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Charges For Drugs Not On List Of Banned Drugs

Why are you being charged if the drug that you had in your possession is not on the list of banned drugs?

The various schedules prohibiting certain drugs don’t always list the common or popular name of different substances. Sometimes the schedules list the scientific name of the prohibited substance. For example, a specific drug may not be listed on any of the schedules. Instead, the substances which are contained within the substance may be listed on the schedules. As you can see, in order to determine the potential for your defense, your attorney has to understand some of the chemistry involved in various drug offenses.

That is why hiring an experienced attorney like the lawyers at GRDD Law is so essential.

All drug charges, whether pending in state or federal court, are criminal in nature. These matters have serious financial and economic implications beyond the fines and costs assessed by the Court. For many, a drug charge is their first experience with the American legal system. This system has complex rules and procedures. An attorney knows how to navigate through the law, the rules and the court procedures. An experienced lawyer knows the law, as well as the procedures of the court.

Many drug defenses involve complex and technical issues, sometimes involving constitutional rights. A capable lawyer can assess and recognize whether the prosecution can prove its case. A lawyer can advise you regarding viable defenses; help you present defenses that work; and, when appropriate, can negotiate a satisfactory plea bargain. A lawyer can protect your rights and prevent you from being taken advantage of by an overloaded and impersonal legal system. In short, a lawyer is your ally in a complex and often hostile system.

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