Jeffrey S. Romanick

Managing Partner Jeffrey S. Romanick

Jeffrey is the Managing Partner of the Law Firm, bringing 30 years of experience and leadership to the practice.

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A. Charles Dean

Partner A. Charles (“Ash”) Dean

Ash is a skilled litigator that provides zealous representation to his clients throughout the courts of Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. His expertise in the art of collecting money judgments is largely unrivaled.

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Christopher J. DeSimone

Partner Christopher J. DeSimone

Chris is a skilled transactional lawyer that provides general counsel to small businesses and commercial property owners on a wide variety of legal projects and transactions.

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Edward Gross

Edward Gross (Retired)

Edward (Ed) Gross started the law firm that eventually became Gross, Romanick, Dean & DeSimone, P.C. immediately after graduating from law school in 1980.

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