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Fairfax Virginia DWI, DUI & Traffic Law Information

If you need a Fairfax Virginia DWI or DUI lawyer than GRDD Law can help. GRDD Law’s team can even answer any questions you may have about personal injury cases. Contact GRDD Law today (703) 273-1400 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

We get a lot of commonly asked questions about Virginia DWI, DUI and traffic law and we’re including several of those (and their answers) here on the blog. To read more commonly asked questions, visit out website here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Traffic/DWI Law

1.QUESTION: Why do I need a lawyer in Traffic Court or for DWI/DWI?

ANSWER: Whether you are charged with an offense that is criminal in nature or a basic traffic offense, Traffic Court matters have serious financial and economic implications beyond the fine and costs assessed by the Court. For many people, traffic court is their first experience with the United States legal system, which has complex rules and procedures. A lawyer knows how to navigate through the law, the rules and the court procedures. Experienced counsel knows the inclinations of various judges and prosecutors.

Many traffic defenses involve complex and technical issues. A capable lawyer can assess and recognize whether the prosecution can prove its case. A lawyer can advise you regarding viable defenses; help you present defenses that work; and, when appropriate, can negotiate a satisfactory plea bargain. A lawyer can protect your rights and prevent you from being taken advantage of by an overloaded or impersonal legal system. A lawyer can help you obtain a restricted driver’s license if you are qualified for one. In short, a lawyer is your ally in a complex and often hostile system.

2.QUESTION: What are GRDD Law’s fees for handling DWU/DUI or traffic cases?

ANSWER: In most circumstances GRDD Law will agree to a flat fee. The fee depends upon the firm’s estimate of the time involved in handling the case.

3.QUESTION: How can I get to work if I am convicted of DWI and my license is suspended?

ANSWER: The Virginia statute provides for a restricted license in certain circumstances. A restricted license may be available for appropriate individuals.