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Do I need a lawyer for a drug related charge?

Yes, you do! All drug charges, whether pending in state or federal court, are criminal in nature. These matters have serious financial and economic implications beyond the fines and costs assessed by the Court. For a large number of men and women, this drug charge is their first experience with the United States legal system. This is a system with complex rules and procedures. An attorney knows how to navigate the law, the rules and the court procedures. An experienced lawyer knows the law, as well as the procedures of the court.

Many drug defenses involve complex and technical issues, sometimes involving constitutional rights. A capable attorney can assess and recognize whether the prosecution can prove its case. A lawyer can advise you regarding viable defenses; help you present defenses that work; and, when appropriate, negotiate a satisfactory plea bargain. An attorney protects your rights and prevents you from being taken advantage of by an overloaded and impersonal legal system. ask mefi A lawyer is your ally in a complex and often hostile system.

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