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Hello, my name is Jeffrey romantic and I’m a partner at the law firm of Gross & Romanick the law firm is located in Fairfax Virginia and a gross & Romanick.

I managed a criminal practice now one of the charges that I provide representation to clients on frequently is the charge of reckless driving by speed in Virginia. If you’re traveling in excess of 20 miles per hour over the speed limit or in excess of 80 miles per hour regardless of the speed you can be charged with reckless driving by speed.

Reckless driving by speed is a class 1 misdemeanor the maximum penalties for the charge are up to a year in jail. A 2500 dollar fine and you can lose your privileges to drive in Virginia for up to six months the charge is taken very seriously in the courts of Northern Virginia and some of the judges. If you’re traveling in excess of 90 miles per hour will impose a jail sentence the starting point for representation is to determine how the officer measured the speed of the vehicle.

There are three possible ways that officers use to measure speed in Northern Virginia. They use radar they use laser and they use. Their own speedometers for what is known as a pace. when I’m hired to represent clients on reckless driving by speed I look at how the officer measured the speed and no matter what type of instrument they use there is going to be documentation to show that Their instrument is working properly.

It’s frequently referred to as the calibration records there are also many other aspects that we look into to provide the fences for our clients. Vehicle identification or misidentification is a frequent way for defenses to be raised there are also other factors on the road. How many of the vehicles are in the way but obstructions there might be the proper posting of the speed limit and we’re looking to see what types of Defense’s we can raise now. We’re very familiar with the courts of Northern Virginia and in particular. I’m in Fairfax County on an almost daily basis there are 11 regular sitting judges in Fairfax County and there are ten other judges who can be substituted on any given day and there are also 25 different prosecuting attorneys in Fairfax County and with all these different personalities.

You need to have an attorney who knows how to recognize what works and sometimes more importantly what doesn’t work when you’re in front of one of these people now my experience in Fairfax County in Northern Virginia has allowed me to provide the highest quality of representation on reckless driving by speed. If you need an attorney to represent you on reckless driving by speed or if you’d like to find out more about my law firm please visit my website at

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